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‘Follow the White Rabbit’ – Paper Trail Map and Souvenir Guide
‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Alice’s Looking Glass’ – Digital Trails


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Download the “Alice Origins” App (Free) and meet the Characters of Wonderland Llandudno who will introduce themselves to you.


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Download Tour 1, The White Rabbit App (£2 .99) and enjoy an amazing 3D experience as you journey around the first part of the town trail in Alice’s Wonderland.

Starts at the tourist information centre, Mostyn street and finishes at the Camera Obscura in Happy Valley. (Earphones recommended when using the trail).


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Download Tour 2, Alice’s Looking Glass App (£2 .99) and continue the second part of your journey in Alice’s Wonderland.

Taking you from the Pier entrance on North Shore, through Haulfre Gardens and to the West Shore where the real Alice once lived, at ‘Penmorfa’. (Earphones recommended when using the trail).

Town Trail Map

Purchase the Alice in Wonderland Town Trail Map ”Follow the White Rabbit”

(£2 .99) and follow the 55 bronze cast footprints in the pavement starting

outside the Tourist Information Centre.

Alice’s Town Trails – Now available!!

White Rabbit – Augmented Reality Trail

icon_rabbitExplore Alice in Wonderland and the history of Llandudno.

Follow the real Alice in Wonderland (Alice Liddell) in a new digital adventure into Wonderland – Llandudno, voted in the top ten best places to visit in the UK.

Alice stayed in Llandudno and shared her many adventures in the resort with the famous book author Lewis Carrol, a family friend. As well as immortalising Alice as the main character in his stories, it is believed that Lewis Carroll also incorporated some of the interesting features of Llandudno later depicted by Sir John Tenniel.

Alice returns to her holiday resort as a young 8 year old with a big imagination. Narrated by the Author and with help from the Mad Hatter, some of Alice’s real past is recounted as she follows the White Rabbit around the town and to a Game of Croquet.

Where does she go? Who does she meet? Who delights in saying ‘trick’ and who prefers a treat?

The White Rabbit App will guide you around the town of Llandudno and take you to places you may not have experienced before. The route will take you to some fantastic beauty spots and provides the opportunity to see some of the town’s iconic sites.

All points of interest have an audio accompaniment. Will you manage to answer all the riddles and receive the digital collectibles? Stand in a scene with the characters and create your own special digital postcards, share them with friends and family around the world! Other additions to the App include places to eat and drink.

Available Now !!

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Alice’s Looking Glass – Augmented Reality Trail

icon_lookingStep through the ‘Looking Glass’, the anticipated follow-up to the ‘White Rabbit’ app. The app is non-location based, but to immerse yourself into the full experience you should visit the popular holiday destination, Llandudno.

Take on the role of Alice and enter the Looking Glass, where time itself has been distorted by Alice’s out of control imagination. This has taken the form of a monstrous Jabberwocky, which has begun to terrorise the helpless inhabitants of this fantastic world. It is up to you, as Alice, to restore order and defeat the Jabberwocky in battle.

This app invites you to explore some eye-catching locations around Llandudno, through the beautiful Haulfre gardens to the long path leading towards West Shore. There are eighteen points in total, with each containing animations, videos and games. Along the way you will meet a host of colourful characters, including both new and old faces from the ‘White Rabbit’ app.

Help Alice gather the collectibles she needs to face the Jabberwocky as you complete the trail. Stand in a scene and take a picture with your favourite animated characters to create your own digital postcards. You can share these with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. You can also access a list of businesses dotted around Llandudno via the app’s homepage.

Available Now !!

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Alice Origins – A Character Biography

icon_originsDownload and experience the ‘Alice Origins’ App, an interactive collection of all your favourite ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Looking Glass’ characters.

Enter the ‘Meet the Characters’ section to view six fully animated and voice-acted biographies, including the adventurous Alice, the charming and always “polite” March Hare, the hyperactive and terribly late White Rabbit, the well-spoken and mischievous Cheshire Cat, the loyal Playing Cards and the completely uncontrollable Mad Hatter. You can view these marvelous creations of Lewis Carroll wherever and whenever you want.

If you are visiting Llandudno’s popular St Tudno Hotel, grab a menu from the restaurant and access the ‘Discover Extras’ section on the app. Press the ‘View animation’ button and hover your camera over the menu to see a very special exchange between the Mad Hatter and Alice. You can view an additional animation by hovering your device over ‘The Follow the White Rabbit Town Trail Map’.

Available Now…

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Now Available!! – Learn Welsh with Alice

icon_welshCalling all old and new Wonderland adventurers, The Mad Hatter proudly presents to you the ‘Learn Welsh with Alice‘ App: A unique guide to learning useful Welsh words and phrases with Lewis Carroll’s iconic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ characters. Reunite with all your favorites from the ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Looking Glass’ Llandudno trails, as they help you to broaden your Welsh vocabulary.

Enter the Storybook and make your way through twelve different audio sections, as the Wonderland characters teach you the key basics of the language. Listen to the ‘Boring Basics’ with Lewis Carroll, master the art of asking for a cup of tea with the March Hare, or learn those super important everyday questions, like “Are there any giraffes on sale?” from the helpful Mad Hatter.

As well as a fully voice-acted Storybook, this app features over fifty different words, questions and wacky Welsh statements to pick up through the Phrasebook. Each Welsh phrase is accompanied with its English translation, and is presented in both written and spoken form. You’ll be fluent in no time!

You can also share your ‘Learn Welsh with Alice’ achievements with your friends if you have Facebook or Twitter installed on your device.

‘Good luck!‘ – ‘Pob lwc!’


Also Available – Comedy Drama Tours (seasonal)

For more information visit the Llandudno Tourist information Centre or Click Here

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Ok! so, time is up to submit your interest in the proposed development on West Shore plot where Penmorfa, Alice's home should be ! I Wonder ........what will land there? Let's Hop, I mean hope that Anwyl will be a Liddell bit more sensitive in their approach! ... See MoreSee Less

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Great! ... See MoreSee Less

First film of Alice in Wonderland (1903), with state-of-the-art special effects for its time...

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This is your chance to make representation on the proposed development email Preapp@anwyl.co.uk - we need Penmorfa representation please in the proposed development at the very least. Once this opportunity has gone it won't come back! We need Penmorfa representation for tourism and for our town. Have your say. ... See MoreSee Less

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It's all happening in Wonderland Llandudo. ... See MoreSee Less

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What's happening here? ... See MoreSee Less

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This artist impression at least incorporates a structure similarities to that of Alice's Penmorfa which is at least sympathetic. Where does Anwyls morals and principals lie. Are they interested at all about Llandudno and our heritage. What of the work that's gone in to creating the Alice in Wonderland trails for tourism. I can't understand why people are so selfish! If I had the money myself , I would rebuild Penmorfa! Llandudno deserves it! If America had Alice , what would they do? ... See MoreSee Less

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Chair of the Friends of West Shore, Louise Emery said: “Some concern has been expressed by our members as to why the new plans differ so greatly from the original proposal (2004), which was fairly well supported by local residents.

“The new design is considerably bigger and lacks some of the design features which many hoped would be included. We are very much hoping that a representative from Anwyl Homes will attend the next Friends of West Shore meeting so they can discuss with us why their plans have changed”.

Mayor Cllr Carol Marubbi added: “I have no objection. I’m glad something is looking at going there. We know something has got to be put there I just worry about the size of these apartments. I advise Anwyl to go to the meeting.”

An Anwyl spokesperson confirmed they owned the land at Penmorfa and were considering a scheme of 51 apartments.

“The scheme is currently out for consultation and we would welcome the views of the community in order to help us further shape the project,” the spokesperson said. “We will submit a formal planning application when the consultation is complete.”

Documents can be found at www.planning.anwylgroup.co.uk and a hard copy can be viewed at The Library on Mostyn Street in Llandudno.

The Friends of West Shore meet at 6pm on Monday, February 6 to discuss the site. The public meeting will be held at The Lilly on West Shore.
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They can't be serious about putting something as hideous as this on the site where Penmorfa stood! Surely! ... See MoreSee Less

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